About Us


Dogs were always present in our house. The first companion of my childhood games was German Shepherd "Astor". At the thought of this wonderful dog, my eyes are watering. We were together 16 years and it were years full of smiles and unforgettable fun.

Emptiness our house was very hard to fill, until when "Hektor" appeared. "Hektor", a beautiful German Shepherd, the terror of uniformed people and great companion of all trips.


There's no way that anyone could be bored with him! And thanks to him I also began to discover the secrets of dong training PT and IPO. He was really unbeatable in it. All of the exams he passed with excelent grades. We were going to start dogshow career with him, but his hip dyspasia wouldn't allow us to.




After three years, "Ice" joined to "Hektor". With real ice he had absolutely nothing in common. He was very warm and always 'smiling'.




And then it was time to leave my family home. I couldn't going back to the house in which there wasn't a dog. Moments later, I adopted from a shelter a crazy female. Thanks to this craziness she was named "Korba". With "Korba" we immediately went to the dog daycare and our adventure with training began. Gorgeous girl whose speed and response to commands is amazing.




After a year, Border Collie joined "Korba" and literally rammed our lives. And, of course, because of it he was named "Taran" (Viva la Tia FASCINATION IN BLACK). Anna, thank you for this crazy one!


Taran and Korba are team for good and for bad. Constantly together. :)


Korba Taran


Because the 'city walls' have become too small for us, we decided to move to the countryside, outside Warsaw, where our dogs would have a lot of space for their madness.


Since summer 2012. we're permanently in the countryside :)


After a few months both our shepherd Hector and Ice left our world and gone to their little Dogs Heaven. It was a blow after which we couldn't get up for a long time.


The long forgotten dream of having a Great Dane awakened in my mother. And this way "Ora" (DALIA z Białołęki Dworskiej) joined our family.

A short time later, I found out, that Ania Garbacka-Warecka has one girl from litter G. Our family has grown bigger by another member, a small star Aria (Viva la Tia GREAT STAR).


Ora i Aria


In May 2013 the one who joined "Ora" was "Abi" (NEDEA z Gardeminki).


And in this group, we decided to open a family breeding FASSTARI.


In our breeding we're looking not only at the appearance and character, but mainly on health. Such assumptions will guide us in selecting sires.



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