The dog does not live that could win a Noble Prize, but if we grade on a cross-species curve, that doesn't mean there can't still be a canine Einstein. There can be, and there is-and her name is Chaser, a 14-year-old border collie living in South Carolina with her owner, retired psychology professor John Pilley. Thanks to Pilley's patient tutelage, Chaser knows the names of 1022 different objects, many of which are pictured above. She has also mastered a few verbs she can apply to those objects: nose it or paw it or get it. How remarkable is all that? Well, 2-years-old human child typically understand only 300 words. The child will quickly learn vastly more, of course. But no dog, for now at least, can keep up with Chaser


Source: TIMES Special Edition. How Dogs Think. Inside The Canine Mind. 2018